Tuesday, November 4

Lipstick Jungle

I don't know since then it is on the air in the EUA, but arrived now at Portugal and I love it:D

That's not my generation, but it feels more real than "sex and the city". More... Normal?
I don't know but I never bought that kind of image they tried to sell in the show and there was too much sex. I'm not a prude it's just that too much it's just too much.

But Lipstick Jungle... This show is so sexy! It's not totally revealing, it suggests. And that's sexy indeed:)

There was one scene where the young guy after making out with the woman (older) writes his cell number on the woman's thigh. I don't know why the hell he had a pen like that with him, but I don't care:P

What have I done? That's not of your business:P