Thursday, November 13

My tarot experience


In one of my latest posts I talked about going to a tarot session and said I was going to tell you about it later. Here I go...

The tarologist (I think this is the name in English) was extremely nice and SO GAY loool
The man was a charm and we had a huge empaty since the beginning of the session. I was not nervous but open to it and felt quite relaxed actually. Maybe because i didn't had huge expectations. I didn't had a list with questions, I just went with the flow.

If I had any doubts about the truth of tarot, they ended quickly because he talked about me going to another country and that I didn't knew myself and also mecioned that he didn't saw me working in adverstisind or marketing, my degree. Oh god, so true! And I said nothing, I was just listening to him and he was indeed talking about my life, my family and I never had to adapt what he said, 'cause I didn't needed to, he was so right about every single comment. Quite creepy actually.

In a resume it seems I don't have a portuguese soul, I'll find my love of life possibly in Italy (uhhhh:P), but there's for sure an international flavor to it. I'll have professional success (yeahh!); my parents love me a lot and will do everything for me. The bad thing and my reason to go there was my huge sense of responsability. I have pain of an 80 year old, he told me:O

So, I souldn't take myself so seriously or suffer for other's pains... I know... But in the end it seems I'm quite fantastic LOL His words, not mine:P

He said he told me more than he should because he liked me, and that I have all doors open, just need to be more free and less guilty about things. But, the way things happen are in my hands, the way I deal with what happens in life will influence the better or worse results. There's free will and responsability.

And that's it. Believe it or not but keep an open mind to it. It was worth it fo me:D

Kiss kiss (bang bang - couldn't resist):P*