Wednesday, November 12


Today I have a tarot session.

I do like esoteric subjects, but always thought tarot was a different thing and didn't really believed it. But a friend asked me to go with her one day and finally I've surrended to it. More than that, it really helped her to overcome some issues in her life.

It's my time now. I've been suffering from depression since entered college and nothing seems to really help me in a way to make me less susceptible to it. Maybe I just need to hear some things I already know from a stranger.

I'll just give it a try and hope it helps me to work things out inside of me.

And later I'll tell how it went:)



fasya said...

emm well
what is tarot session?
just curious

Sofia said...

Hi fasya:)

A tarot session it's like going to a doctor:P

You make your questions and the professional will answer you based on the cards. As far as I know there different technics (ways of dysplaing cards on the table). But you don't have to be surrounded by candles and stuff like that. The tarologist I'm going doesn't have all that stuff you normally imagine they have.

If you want to know more about it, search on google cause probably you'll find interesting information:)