Thursday, November 13


The ethnic/romantic/hippie chic style (never know hoe to call it) can be really warm and transmits an original and rich combination of textures and colors. I also love it because nothing it's too perfect and it seems that people really use the spaces.
Details are essencial to dress the spaces; it's like a subtil seduction for our eyes.
For the ones less brave but still with good taste there's an example of it using white with color and details.
See how interesting textures like the ones in the mirror, boxes and cushions can absolutelly give the space a feeling of... hum Well, call it what you want, but for me it's a good feeling:P

See how the interesting mirror "does" the place? Sometimes the investiment of an different object transforms a space. The use of touches of purple also gives the romantic tone.
The last pictute gives te same idea but with frames. Different and original. I love it:)

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