Thursday, November 13

How long does it take to decorate a house?

I thought of it after seeing a tv show on VH1 showing a family moving to a new house. What took my attention was that they went to the house without preparing it for their arrival (family with two teenagers and dogs). And they wanted to decorate it in one week.

I believe houses should grow with people. If you're not hiring an interior designer (wich you can if you know excatly what you want or need advice) and adventure yourself in decorating a place you shouldn't get to anxious to "get it done" as soon as possible because you might regret it later.

Sometimes a decorating temporary solution becames interesting enought to stay as permanent - look to the nightstand in pictures - other times you feel the need to add objects while living in the house like specific needs related to that house particulary (the light, noise from neighbours...).
If you rush into buying what seems apropriate not only you'll miss the oportunity to be creative and risk yourself to feel that that solution doesn't really fit the place or funtion.

Another reason to be patient: if you take time to look for special items you can find real pearls, eaven in the garbage! What is garbage for someone can be a potencial diamond for others. And these special objects are not available when we want, you have to keep an open eye because it can appear when you least expect. Although pay attention to christmas time, 'cause people tend to buy new furniture and throw the old one to the garbage on november, december months.

For me, decorating a house is always a work in progress, because the house changes while we change too.