Friday, November 14

Light Bathroom

Bathrooms can say a lot about a house, but are somewhat forgotten maybe because of the costs involved in renovating it. Although it is a valuable investment, not only because it lasts but also because it will change the way you live that space radically.

In my opinion light does a room. It doesn't matter wich area of the house, if it has nice natural light coming trough the windows, the space will always look better and you'll feel better inside that space too. The lamps do the same at night, specially when you do things that need more detail attention like makeup.

Bathrooms are quite different from the rest of the rooms: they are normally small, have small windows - privacy matters quite important, should be practical while using it and cleaning it and in there you deal with water and humidity constantely. In bathrooms we shower, do - you know what, have our beauty routines but most of the times we don't feel that bathroom is in our level (of beauty - oh yeah ladies:P). So, bathrooms don't have to be cold and ugly!

Practical and beautiful? It is possible if you take time considering your space options, decide on what's important and forget what's not. Choose the colors and try to stay with the lighter ones.

This images show a light bathroom where you balance the water and white effect with wood and the lime on walls, and that will give a natural and comfortable feeling.
And don't forget the plant. Some species do really well with humidity.
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