Wednesday, December 3

Yesterday me and my mother changed the layout of the living/dining room. It's always amazing to me how a place can be improved just by changing the sofa wall or the position of the dinner table. Even my dad liked it and he is not a fan of changes:P

I'm totally tired because we also moved the books and magazines but it was worth it!

Yesterday, I also sent my CV to ikea here in Portugal. They were asking for an interior designer but sice ikea is such a succsess here I doubt they'll call me, I must have really good competition;)

This week I'll go to CasaDecor, an event thar also took place in italy and... spain I believe. Portuguese interior designers and decorators are invited to trasnform a room of the Santa Catarina palace, in Lisbon. Each room has its own style according to its decorator.

I'll show the pictutres later***