Thursday, November 13

ZaraHome passion - sexy interiors

I have a thing for ZaraHome, the homeware shop of Zara. They sell interesting and most of the times affordable objects (not like IKEA of course). It has an ethnic flavor with really nice fabrics, patterns and decorating objects like candles, boxes, mirrors... You name it.

In Portugal it is a big success and I was told that the Colombo store (a lisbon shopping mall) is the european store that has the best sales. I don't know excatly what this says about portuguese people (good taste maybe:P) but it is a sign that there is a big interest in home decorating.

One of the best things of this store are the Basics. Simple towals and sheets with a variety of colours, good foundations for any house decoration.

Here are some examples of ZaraHome style. Hope you enjoy it:)